Maria Riccardi Clinical Director, Instructor & Supervisor
Doctoral candidate in clinical psychology, M.A., M.Ed., ATR-BC

Maria Riccardi M.A., M.Ed., ATR is a registered art therapist, a career counselor, a licensed clinical psychotherapist and the former president of the Quebec Art Therapy Association. She is an adjunct professor of art therapy at Concordia University and at l’Université du Québec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, as well as a faculty member at Winnipeg Holistic Expressive Arts Therapy Institute.  She collaborates with local non-profit organizations and mental health institutions, developing community-based art studio programs for adolescents and adults who are marginalized due to mental and physical health issues, immigration issues, and poverty.  She has expertise with veterans living with combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder within the context of trauma intervention as well as in the evaluation of art processes and products during treatment.  She has founded a clinic in Montreal based on the Expressive Therapies Continuum, providing educational and emotional support to children and families.  Her current research interests include media properties and their role in assessment.  She can be reached at:

  • Registered art therapist (ATR-BC), career counselor (OCCOQ) and licensed psychotherapist (OPQ)
  • Doctoral candidate in psychology; Master in art therapy; Master in educational psychology
  • Clinical experience with individuals and groups (institutions, communities and private settings)
  • Graduate teaching and supervision experience with professional training in supervision
  • Proficient in written and spoken in French, English and Italian

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