Clinique ImÂges etc.

Therapeutic Services

Clinique ImÂges etc. offers a variety of services in psychotherapy and expressive therapies, tailored to a variety of different age groups. We also provide career and school counseling services.

Appointments are available both during the day and in the evening, and are offered in French, English, or Italian.

For individuals for whom in-person appointments are challenging, we offer remote counseling or teletherapy options. 

Clinique ImÂges etc. provides treatment for anxiety and mood disorders, relationship difficulties, and stress management. We place a heavy emphasis on creativity in our practice, leveraging it as a therapeutic tool which promotes both general well-being and a full spectrum of social, academic, and professional integration.

Therapeutic Approaches 

Our approach integrates Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and humanism, with a focus on adjusting thoughts and behaviors while appreciating the unique nature of each individual’s experience. 

For those who wish to include art therapy into their journey, we incorporate the Continuum of Expressive Therapies. This approach uses art to enrich the therapeutic experience, allowing for a creative exploration and expression of emotions.


​Our doors are open to everyone, including members of 2SLGBTQ+ communities and diverse cultures, and are offered in an inclusive and respectful environment.

Psychotherapy for Adolescents and Adults

Therapeutic Process

Initial Assessment

Before getting into regular therapy sessions, we conduct an initial assessment with each client. Based on the needs uncovered during this assessment, we will develop a treatment plan outlining the most suitable services for your individual circumstances.

Initial Sessions

​Once we get into the treatment phase, our first treatment sessions are dedicated to understanding your difficulties and identifying the factors that sustain them. We are witness and companion as you become aware of your thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and the ways in which they impact each other.

Learning Strategies

​As part of the process, you will develop cognitive and behavioral strategies suited to your goals and needs. Our approach, imbued with humanism, will accompany you throughout this demanding but rewarding journey. Your therapist will be there to support you, encourage you, and to help overcome any new obstacles that arise.

Maintenance of Achievements

​Once treatment goals have been achieved, it can be beneficial to plan monthly maintenance sessions. These sessions help clients maintain progress made throughout the therapeutic process and to solidify the skills now practiced in everyday life.

Art Therapy for All

Fundamental Concept
The Continuum of Expressive Therapies (CET) provides a theoretical framework for understanding how people interact with artistic media in a therapeutic setting. This approach enables therapists to tailor interventions to the emotional, sensory, and cognitive needs of each individual.   

History of the ETC
The Expressive Therapies Continuum (ETC), formulated by Sandra Kagin and Vija Lusebrink in 1978, merges insights from adapting behaviors in art therapy with mental image formation. Enriched and refined since 2009 by the contributions of Lisa Hinz, the ETC continues to evolve internationally.   

Research-Based Approach
Combining the Expressive Therapies Continuum (ETC) with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has shown effectiveness in reducing stress, regulating anxiety, and enhancing self-regulation, thus improving therapeutic treatment outcomes.   

Artworks as Communication Tools
Art is a powerful medium for expressing the thoughts and emotions which are difficult to verbalize. Art expression serves as a bridge between client and therapist, providing a non-threatening outlet for emotional expression.   

Art Therapist's Role
Art therapists collaborate with clients to understand and interpret artwork, provide empathetic understanding throughout the treatment process, and empower patients’ to develop the self-awareness tools for optimal well-being.

Recognized Benefits
Art therapy provides a creative outlet for deep personal exploration and expression, and is effective in a variety of mental health settings. It is particularly impactful for individuals with conditions like anxiety or depression, and those with experiences of personal trauma.

Integrative Psychotherapy 
for Young People

Introduction to Integrative Therapy 
Our integrative approach combines play, verbal expression, and artistic activities to provide a comprehensive therapeutic experience. We take care to assess each young person’s needs, ensuring that from the beginning of the therapeutic relationship they have the support and understanding that they need.    

Expression and Exploration Sessions

Initial appointments are focused on exploring the young person’s inner world through dialogue, interactive games, and artistic activities. We create an environment where young people can express their thoughts and feelings with ease, choosing the medium with which they feel most comfortable.

Development of Expressive Skills 
During the sessions, we guide young people through enhancing their communication, problem-solving, and emotional management skills. Through strategic games, enriching dialogues, and artistic projects, they learn to express themselves in a constructive and inquisitive manner.    

Consolidation and Continuity
Once a young person achieves their initial therapeutic goals, we transition to maintenance sessions that allow them to solidify their new skills. These sessions are vital to ensuring that young people continue to apply their new regulation tools and coping mechanisms in everyday life.

Educational and Professional Orientation

​Clinique ImÂges provides career direction that assists individuals of all ages in their personal, academic, and professional growth. This approach fosters self-awareness, aligns with training programs and job market demands, and aids in developing a meaningful life plan.

Our method involves defining each client’s unique personal narrative and developing a professional development project through which they can stretch into target career skills.  To achieve this, we use a range of tools and psychometric assessments to evaluate interests, aptitudes, behavior, as well as cognitive and affective functions.

Through assessing psychological functioning and personal strengths, our counselors guide clients in self-reflection, resource mobilization, and decision-making related to their career paths and life choices.

Clinique ImÂges etc. addresses needs in a variety of different way, including:

  • ​Educational and professional guidance
  • Support in academic pursuits and educational achievement 
  • Adaptation to new workplace environments
  • Assistance with career transitions Planning for retirement

Supervision: Information and Services Offered

What is supervision?
Supervision is a dynamic relationship between experienced therapists and newer professionals. Supervisors’ years of experience allow them to oversee client care, assist with administrative tasks, and nurture professional growth advancement for those they guide.   

What we offer
Our services include both individual and group supervision, and both online and in-person. In all formats, supervisors and supervisees engage in discussing cases, working through the challenges of practicing self-care, creating art in response to difficult therapeutic situations, and finding new ways to apply the Expressive Therapies Continuum. This experience enriches their understanding of art media properties and the practical application of theory. We provide a certificate upon completion of supervision hours.

Seeking RCAT Certification with the Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA) 

For those seeking RCAT certification with the Canadian Art Therapy Association, we offer art-based group supervision tailored to the requirements of becoming a registered art therapist (RCAT). More details can be found at the Canadian Art Therapy Association website.

Seeking ATR Certification with the American Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB)

​Our art-based group supervision also supports the journey towards becoming a registered (ATR) or board-certified (BC) art therapist with the American Art Therapy Credentials Board. Visit the American Art Therapy Credentials Board for more information.

Seeking Psychotherapy Supervision or Aiming to Obtain a Psychotherapy Permit in Quebec or in Ontario

​For those in pursuit of a psychotherapy permit, our supervision focuses on enhancing knowledge, skills, and professional behaviors under the guidance of a licensed psychotherapist with extensive experience in not only supervision training, but in both cognitive behavioral and humanistic intervention models. 

Self-Care and Professional Care

​Clinique ImÂges recognizes the importance of both self-care and quality professional supervision in the caregiving professions. Our twofold supervision model allows burgeoning therapists to learn how to care for themselves in order to prevent burnout, and simultaneously ensures that they understand how to provide ethical and competent client care. Combining these approaches is a demonstration of our commitment to maintaining high standards in care delivery.

​Continuing education school

Welcome to our training school dedicated to art therapies!
​​Our school is led by experts and researchers in the field of art therapy, committed to spreading knowledge and innovating learning experiences. We are dedicated to your development by providing a friendly platform, high-quality content, and a suitable resource centre, ensuring an optimal learning experience.

About Our Programs 
Our school offers a range of continuing education programs, conferences, and workshops designed for art therapists and professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge in the field. Our commitment is to provide enriching learning opportunities to support the development of professional skills in mental health and art therapy.

​​Why Choose Our Programs?

​ ​Pedagogical Expertise: Benefit from instruction by experienced practitioners and renowned specialists in art therapy.   

​ ​Interaction and Knowledge Sharing:
Engage with a community of professionals sharing similar interests in enriching exchanges.   

​ ​Flexibility in Learning: Learn when you want, and with an appropriate level of detail. Our programs are designed to adapt to your busy schedule, as we offer both online and in-person options. Each course is tailored to art therapy professionals or those highly interested in the field, allowing for greater understanding and in-depth concept review when needed.

​ ​Deep Dive into Specialized Topics: Expand your knowledge and skills. Our courses explore beginner, intermediate, and advanced subjects tailored to your field of interest and expertise. Our school is led by experts in the art therapy field who are dedicated to disseminating knowledge and creating innovative learning experiences.   We are committed to your development in the field of art therapy by providing a user-friendly platform, high-quality content, and customized learning materials that ensure an optimal learning experience.

​ ​Continuing Education Certificates: Obtain continuing education certificates to enhance your professional development.   

Registration and Information: Join us for an enriching learning experience! Check our training calendar and register today to enhance your practice in art therapy.   For any questions or to enroll, please contact us.   We are here to support your learning journey!

Corporate Training

​Clinique ImÂges etc. offers its expertise to businesses seeking creativity training. These workshops leverage the arts to educate teams on stress management and burnout prevention techniques. Through promoting employee well-being, creativity training can significantly impact a company's development and success. 

​Our workshops offer practical and accessible tools designed to enhance well-being and promote self-care. Our training unites professionals from diverse backgrounds, fostering an environment of learning and growth within the workplace. These workshops are conveniently available at your premises, in our clinic, or online, ensuring accessibility for all participants.

Share a collective creative experience to:
  • Improve stress management
  • Strengthen team spirit
  • Solve problems innovatively
  • Reconcile differing professional objectives
    Adopt new and creative practices
Proposed Themes :
  • Artistic Workshop for Stress Reduction
    Use art as a therapeutic tool for stress management
  • Psychology of Creativity and Innovation
    Explore the psychological impact of art on creativity and innovation
  • Art and Mindfulness
    Incorporate art into the practice of mindfulness for well-being
  • Group Dynamics through Art
    Use art to improve team dynamics and communication

Art therapy in the media

The impacts of art therapy (The video is in French)


Ressources in Mental Health 

​Access our mental health resource list. This PDF contains information on organizations and networks to help you take care of your mental health.

PDF - Ressources in Mental Health 


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